Migrating from one imap server to another

In the past I have used imapsync for this but since it became necessary to pay €50 (many Rands) for the latest version, coupled with the fact that Google’s newish Gmail security paranoia means it does not work to Gmail, means it is time for a change of plan. imapsync is great and if you have the money, it will do an admirable job for you.

A bit of googling lead me to larch, a GPL 2.0 ruby based program which works pretty well. (Note: it is no longer maintained but worked flawlessly for me – you have been warned).

This is how I got it running on an Ubuntu 14.04 box.

First, install larch:

Then create a configuration file (you could use a straight command line option but I don’t like putting passwords in my history):

Example config file:

Once you have populated the config file you simply run this:

I would advise running this in a screen because it will take a while.

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