On writing regularly

I’ve always wanted to write but I’ve never been sure what I want to write about. My reading lately suggests that I should not think about what I want to write but rather I should just write. This means blogging to begin with.

If it gets tiresome, mute me or ignore my posts but if you enjoy it, let me know.


Cheetah Outreach

cheetahsWe visited the Cheetah Outreach yesterday. It is always so amazing to see those magnificent animals up close, even if it is in a fenced enclosure and not out on the plains of Africa. There are only 750 of these guys left in the wild in SA and about 7500 total in the world.

Go and visit them, take the kids. Every cent raised is ploughed into the program via education, preservation and other mechanisms. They have an amazing program, using Anatolian Sheepdogs to protect herds of domestic animals from predators like cheetah and leopard. Some of the funds go towards trying to reduce the very long waiting list for dogs which take a lot of resources to train.